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     Feodosia Feodosia is situated on the shore of the bay, 112 km from Simferopol. Large recreation - business center, seaport and railway station. The population of 112 thousand people. The rapid development in recent years, his prospects did Theodosius the most popular resort and vacation destination.

This adds a lot of reputation and international interest are indicated in an open society.

  The priorities of the modern city development - tourism and recreation. The potential of this area is truly inexhaustible, and the achieved results confirm the correctness of the course taken.

Climatic conditions are ideal for tourist and resort business.

Theodosius different warm climate, low rainfall, healing combination of sea, mountain, steppe air, wonderful sandy beaches.
The sources of mineral water, "Ayvazovskaya" and "Feodosia".

Theodosia - a famous resort of Crimea, dynamic in recent years on the basis of inexhaustible resources.

  A total of Feodosia region operates 41 health center, health spa, "Sunrise" (the digestive organs, musculoskeletal system, respiratory system. Kursovok available for purchase on site), a children's sanatorium "Wave", the sanatorium of Ukraine, 16 children's health camps, which during the holiday season, taking more than 60 thousand people, including 10 thousand at a time.  
Much progress has been private pensions and a mini-hotel, developed by the private sector.

The ancient city with rich history, which begins the second half of 6th century BC.  
Here, the Greeks founded trading post and town Feodosia
(Translated from the Greek word "God-given").
In Feodosia many attractions: the Genoese fortress (14-15 century.), The tower of Constantine - a monument of architecture of the Genoese, the Genoese tower and the moat (16th century)., Round Tower (1342god), Church of the archangels Gabriel and Michael (1408), a monument to the Armenian architecture, the mosque Jami Muty
(1623) - a monument of Turkish architecture, monuments, participants in an amphibious operation in December 1941, the museum, the Museum A.S.Grina,

Balloon Museum, the Museum of money, but also the only museum in Ukraine

marinisticheskoy painting - an art gallery I.A.Ayvazovskogo.
  Facilities include: tours of the Crimea, scuba diving, boat trips, horseback and water trikes motorcycles, numerous cafes, bars and restaurants.

In Feodosia easier to come train transport, there are two railway Station: Ayvazovskaya and Theodosius. Direct communication with the cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Belgorod, Kharkov, Lugansk, Donetsk, Krivoy Rog, Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev, Sumy, Minsk.

If not go direct, then transplant to be done in Jankoi or Vladislavovka. On the train station of Simferopol in the Theodosia buses every 15 - 20 min.