Отдых в Феодосии

           Отдых в Феодосии

в мини-гостинице "На Украинской"

Украина   АР Крым    98100 Феодосия   ул. Украинская  ( бывшая ул. Войкова ), 26            naukrainskoy@mail.ru    Мой статус Skype: Stamburskiy      Мини-гостиница На Украинской 321-227-205

телефоны:  +38 (06562) 9-37-16, 9-39-38     Валерий Владимирович +38-095-361-18-01, +38-067-914-30-71    


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Solar Theodosius

PE, Single Tax, Private Property Certificate of residence for services Children are accepted from 2 years Free Wi-Fi
Check-out time - 12:00. Arrival - from 14 per hour. Cafes,   dietetic menu We work all year round Transfer
Cash, bank transfer Pre-booking Free parking Excursions

Rest in Feodosia. Mini-hotel on the Ukrainian

     Mini-hotel "The Ukrainian" invites you to rest in Feodosia, without intermediaries!

If you are planning a vacation in the Crimea, we recommend you Theodosius - the largest resort in the south-eastern part of Crimea. Theodosia - a proper rest. Spend your summer vacation in 2012 we have in Feodosia and pleasant experience you will warm all year round! We offer quality and affordable vacation in the Crimea.   Activities. Adventure Tours. Catalog of tourist sites.

Mini-hotel "The Ukrainian" is the winner of the contest: - 2006. Theodosius. Theodosia mascot, Diploma Grand Prix - "Best of the establishment of recreation in Feodosia."

- 2009. Crimea. The Republican contest Crimean Pearl, a diploma of 3 degrees - "The best mini-hotel."

- 2011. Theodosius. Theodosia mascot, diploma winner "Best private home ownership for recreation.

Feodosia mini-hotel "At Ukrainian" favorably differs from similar mini-hotels and guest houses: the center of Feodosia and at the same time - a quiet, comfortable place, because located among the houses of the private sector, to the sea 8 minutes walk away. Bus station, market, train Station "Station Theodosia" - all side by side, five minutes walk away. The hotel is suitable for families with children, taking children from 2 years.

The territory of the mini-hotel is surrounded by green areas, flower beds in the courtyard full of flowers and evergreens, balconies, second and third floors are in the shade of the vines.

Here, everything has to rest - a cozy courtyard, cafe, outdoor playground, gazebo, alpine slide.

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The hotel has 2 local, Local 3 and 4 bedded rooms. Numbers of private mini-hotel "The Ukrainian" have all the amenities, bathroom with shower, refrigerator, TV. There are also dishes, clock, fan, fumigator, corkscrew, hairdryer, safe, cable TV - 64 channels. All rooms are air-conditioned.

Rooms are equipped 1st floor terraces, rooms 2, 3 floors - balconies. All the windows overlook the courtyard, from which a view of the mountain ridge Tepe-Oba. Rooms are cleaned daily. Change of bed linen every five   days,   Towels - 3 days. Hot and cold water round the clock without interruption. Iron and ironing board are available on each floor.

Check-out time in the mini-hotel - 12 hour of the day, the settlement is made ??with 14 hours, but if the number of free and cleaned, then before. For guests arriving earlier than the settlement, provides an opportunity to place things in a storage room to shower and spend time in cafes or in the gazebo.

We meet our guests on the train Station art. Theodosius (terminus) or at the bus station in Feodosia, also provide leads. If necessary, we can arrange a meeting and seeing off from Simferopol.

  The nearest beach "Pebbles" (gravel and sand), followed by - a city beach (sandy). For those wishing to travel by minibus organized on the largest beach of Feodosia - "Golden Beach", a length of 8 km.

Our pride is a cafe,   consisting of private rooms and a cozy outdoor space, where among the exotic plants, and you will enjoy from food and from exposure to fresh air. The two menus for adults, we tried to take into account the tastes of lovers of traditional cuisine as well as adherents of a healthy diet. In the children's menu included   classic dishes baby food. Buying food every day and is on the table you always freshly prepared food. Your choice, we offer three options for an integrated food three times a day, or half board (breakfast and dinner, breakfast and dinner, lunch and dinner).   Menu   compiled by 11 days without repeating courses.

For the period from 01.06.po 20.09. tickets are sold only with meals,   optional (board or half board).

You can have breakfast with the 06-30 to 10-00, 13-00 to dine with a 15-00, 18-00 to have dinner with 20-00. If the campers go on trips, it is possible for them to breakfast in the 06-30 and dinner on the return.

We are constantly working to improve the quality and comfort of your vacation. We suggest you make sure that   feedback left by our resting on our website are true, ie price matches the quality of services provided. In addition, prices in 2012 remained virtually unchanged compared to last year.

We assure you that all the wishes of our customers are considered and, where possible, implemented.

In the off-season mini-hotel is also taking organized groups at a bargain price!


Prices for accommodation (per room per night), in USD.

Prices for meals (per person per day), in USD.   Sample menu

29.12-07.01 08.01-31.03 01.04-30.04 01.05-31.05 01.06-24.06 25.06-09.07 10.07-20.08 21.08-31.08 01.09-20.09 21.09-31.12  

main menu number 1

menu number 2 (lightweight)

children's menu number 3

2 bed rooms   portion Children portion floor. portions of portion
250 200 210 230 260 310 360 320 260 200







2 bed rooms with extra bed


50 40 50 40 40
- - 220 240 270 320 370 330 270 200


40 30 40 30 30
3 bed rooms


250 200 230 260 290 370 430 390 300 200 A. The tour fee - 1% of the residence.
4-bed rooms Two. The use of air conditioning - a paid service (25 USD per night) - on request.
250 200 240 270 300 380 440 400 320 200 Three. Registration - 20 USD for adults and USD 10 for children (for the entire period of rest).
4-bed room with extra bed 4. Using a safe in the room - a paid service (8 USD per day) - optional.
250 200 250 280 310 390 450 410 330 200 Five. Transfer of Feodosia (arrival and departure) - 30 USD per person.

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